About Me as a Designer

Freelance Graphic Commercial Designer for Hire

I'm a forward thinking, dynamic business development idea-machine and innovator with a commercial and graphic design background. I'm a visionary and rainmaker that thrives on insurmountable challenges, processing unshakable tenacity and the rare ability to source what others cannot — information, materials and talent. My background pertains to startups, packaging, product development, brand identity and manufacturing specifically in sustainable fashion and natural foods.

My education is in Multi-Media (Vancouver Art Institute) and Fine Arts (Okanagan University College) and I have over 15 years combined experience in business, graphic design, commercial and industrial design. Located on the west coast, I freelance my commercial design services locally in Canada as well as in the US and Australia. My home office is 30 minutes from Vancouver in New Westminster. My creativity gains a boost from my surrounding neighborhood of historical, craftsman homes, beautiful parks, waterfalls and old growth forest trails. As you can see, I have an adorable smushie-doll-faced pug who is the center of my universe!

I have an acute interest in wellness, typography, the pet industry, mill-work, interior design and fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Vicktor Rolf, Etro and Jean Paul Gaultier. Houzz and The Dieline are my favorite two websites for remarkable industrial design. I'm an animal lover, a pet owner and enjoy a regular fitness routine. My ambition for Consultants Pro Shop is to create sought after marketing materials for business owners around the world that are multi-purpose, intelligent, innovative and striking. Rikki