As I offer detailed printing instructions in Read Before Printing, you are responsible for reading and following any suggested print guidance that may be outlined in the product listing or description, add-to-cart check-out notifications or any emails pertaining to your product(s) at the time of purchase. Consultants Pro Shop is not responsible for any printing mishaps that occur through a third party or under your handling and/or direction and it is expected that you will do your own diligence or seek assistance when required. If you are ever unsure of the printing process for your product(s) refer to the Read Before Printing. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me as I am always happy to help.

You are expected to check your document(s) for spelling, grammar, translations, slang terminology and design elements before printing. Always contact me before printing if you need a change.

While I strive to backup each client's custom files and store them for a reasonable amount of time, technology is not always perfect. I currently store files for at least one (1) year. Please note that I regularly update and upgrade my products and cannot guarantee that I will have a copy of previous file versions.

I hold the right to expire a download link at any time should I feel that copies are being inappropriately forwarded or re-gifted without monetary compensation (see House Rules). You are responsible for downloading your files upon delivery, saving your files to a safe place and backing-up your files on your own device(s).

The way our eyes interpret color and light wavelengths on the resolution of a computer monitor is much different from the print world. Color in the digital world operates in through the RGB system (red, green, blue) while the print world uses the CMYK system (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) system so colors often vary slightly once when printed.