Graphic Design and Marketing Essentials

There has been a paradigm shift in the way that new prospects and existing fans are engaged and how they are best converted to sales. In order to unlock massive growth in your business, you must have key marketing tactics outlined, clearly define your services and niche and create a distinctive brand presence that is consistent.

Often we create a Style Brand Guide to determine the voice, personality and standards for your company. A Style Brand Guide can begin with only a few pages to full fledged extensive manual outlining everything from color palette, typography, taglines and the use of your logo, to social media icons, website design, letterhead, corporate merchandising and so much more!

The most common factor I find when we begin this process is simple: hardly anyone has a working plan or operations budget for marketing. This single step is critical to your brand's identity and recognition on and offline. Lets make a plan, set a budget and get you started!