Gift Certificates

Gift cards are a great way of expanding your customer base. Your current customers will often purchase gift cards for their friends and family, hopefully turning them into repeat customers as well. 11% of gift card shoppers are visiting a business for the first time. Gift card purchases come with a significant uplift, with 72% of customers spending more than the value of the gift card.

Sure, gift cards can be perceived as a quintessential cop-out gift, pegging the gift-giver as lazy or impersonal. While that may be true of the pre-loaded value cards that big chain stores put out and that can be found in virtually every drugstore now, small businesses have the advantage of developing gift card offerings that are good for more than just cash on a card. Think about the types of experiences that you can offer customers through your business, and then create gift cards for several different price points or packages.

Some of the easiest ways to let customers know that you offer gift cards is by using signage, the back of corporate cards, your professional voice answering service, social media and pop-ups. Contact me if you feel that your business could benefit from professionally designed business cards. Build customer loyalty and spread the love for your brand.